Arcadia 25W Ultra-Clear Lamp T8

Keep your pond water pristine and free from algae with the help of the Arcadia 25W Ultra-Clear Lamp T8. This powerful ultra-clear UVC lamp is designed to control green water caused by suspended microscopic algae in two areas; ponds and aquariums.

The Arcadia Ultra-Clear Lamp T8 works by emitting high levels of UVC radiation which destroys the single-celled algae cells. Once the algae cells are exposed to the UVC radiation, they will be broken down by bacterial action in the filter, so that all suspended algae will be eliminated.

The Ultra-Clear Lamp T8 is also designed to last longer than traditional UV lamps, so you can expect accurate results for longer. This makes the lamp an ideal choice for aquarium clarifiers and sterilisers as well as for ponds.

The Arcadia 25W Ultra-Clear Lamp T8 will keep your pond free from suspended algae, giving you crystal clear water all year round. Its efficient use of UVC radiation gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your pond is receiving the ideal level of treatment to keep it clear and algae free.

Overall, the Arcadia 25W Ultra-Clear Lamp T8 offers a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution to green water problems. This lamp has been tested and proven to be effective, so you can be sure that your pond is being kept free of suspended algae with minimum effort. So what are you waiting for? Get your Arcadia 25W Ultra-Clear Lamp T8 today and keep your pond water crystal-clear! You can buy the Arcadia 25W Ultra-Clear Lamp T8 here

Arcadia 25W Ultra-Clear Lamp T8

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