Arcadia 55W Ultra-Clear Lamp T8

Having a clear pond is an important aspect of any outdoor space. Nothing beats the pleasure of taking a stroll in your garden and looking into crystal-clear water, surrounded by a wildlife haven. Unfortunately, many pond-keepers experience green water as a consequence of suspended microscopic algae, which can turn the water into a murky and unpleasant scene.

There is a need for a regular maintenance routine in order to keep the water clean. This should include a good quality pump and filter, as well as an ultra-violet clarifier system with a lamp to fit the size of the pond.

Introducing Arcadia’s 55W Ultra-Clear Lamp T8. This lamp offers a long-lasting and reliable source of UVC radiation, which is effective in eliminating the suspended algae in your pond. It also doubles as aquarium clarifier and steriliser, ensuring that those fish will be living in the clearest of waters.

By periodically replacing the lamps, you can be sure that the water clarity in your pond will remain squeaky clean all-year-round. So, don’t let green water be your bane, get Arcadia’s 55W Ultra-Clear Lamp T8 and keep an eye on your crystal-clear water! You can buy the Arcadia 55W Ultra-Clear Lamp T8 here

Arcadia 55W Ultra-Clear Lamp T8

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