3500 gallon pond build

Koi pond northern Ireland,

3500 gallon fibreglass pond build.

Koi pond northern Ireland, This pond was a complete refurbishment of an existing pond. We fitted an aerated spin drifter bottom drain. Extended walls out and up to give 5ft depth. The bottom drain is connected to an evolution aqua Cetus sieve, Then pumped by varipump up to a nexus 220.

A Certikin wall skimmer was fitted and a varipump takes the water through an evolution aqua Evo 55w and then over a single width Bakki shower with 80kg of bacteria house media.

The pond is enclosed in pagoda style building. Glass windows and doors surrounding 3 sides and 2 x skylight windows in the roof.

This pond has grown some very high grade koi for the owner.He has had a lot of success at koi shows both here in Northern Ireland and in England.