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Clear your pond of unsightly Duckweed with Bermuda Duckweed Treatment Solution. This treatment uses natural bacteria to prevent the growth of Duckweed by changing the waters chemistry to prevent further spread without harming the wildlife in the pond. Simply add 25ml of treatment for every 450 litres (100 gallons) of pond water (it is recommended to mix the treatment in a large bucket filled with existing pond water and to disperse the solution over your ponds surface evenly.

The 250ml bottle covers up to 2,273 litres of water – your ponds volume can be calculated using the following equation: Length (Metres) x width x average depth x 1000 = litres (divide this by 4.45 for gallons). The bottle features a helpful pre-fill chamber to allow you to deliver the treatment evenly. It is advised that you remove as much Duckweed by hand as possible so that the treatment can target the duckweed bacteria effectively. Please read the instructions carefully in order to achieve the best result.

Bottle Size: 250ml (Can cover 2,273 Litres of pond water)

Suitable for: Duckweed

Harmless to filters and all species of pond fish and other pond plant life. The treatment cannot be overdosed.