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ReeFlowers pH Buffer 9.4 raises the pH & kH values of aquariums and helps to stabilize levels when used regularly creating a more natural environment for fish and assisting skeletal development. 10 ml of pH Buffer 9.4 should be added for every 100 litres of water on a daily basis until the pH level is optimal for your fish��_s natural environment. Once the required pH level has been reached, it is recommended that tests should be performed at regular intervals and the pH value should be held stable by making additions when necessary. During preparation of the water, 4 ml of pH Buffer 9.4 should be added for every 10 litres of water for Tanganyika Lake aquariums and 2 ml for every 10 litres of water should be added for Malawi & Lake Victoria aquariums. Recommended pH values: Tanganyika (8.5 – 9.4) Malawi / Victoria (7.5 – 8.6) Saltwater (8.1 – 8.3.

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